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Family Consultations 

At Speech Bubble Therapy, family consultations are offered free of charge at the end of each speech therapy session. A family consultation is when the clinician reviews the child's progress and makes recommendations for strategies and/or activities to help the parent increase progress and carryover of skills. However, there are some situations outside of the child's session when a parent may request a family consultation. 

  • Family consultations are available before or after an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting to help the family understand the school's special education proposal for their child.
  • Family consultations are available for families who would like the clinician to attend their child's IEP meeting to share progress or act as an advocate. 
  • Parents may request family consultation services in lieu of direct speech therapy services if they are unable to attend speech therapy regularly (due to time, location, finances, etc). 



Speech Bubble Therapy is a private-pay clinic. A private-pay clinic does not go through insurance - meaning you get the services that best suit your child's needs, not just what insurance will allow your child to receive. Family consultations are not typically reimbursed by insurance. 

Ways to Pay:

  • Cash

  • Credit

  • Paypal/internet payment service